Redmi Note9 5g-Leaks, Latest Specification, Release Date, Reviews, and Price

Redmi is bringing the Redmi Note 9 5G series in their undisputed smartphone chain of Redmi Note 9. The Specification of their Redmi Note 9 5G model is now revealed by the microblogging website of china known as Weibo. It is rumored that China will be the first country to see the updated 5G version of Redmi Note 9 5G. It is said that this Redmi series will come in two variants namely Redmi Note 9 5G which is referred as standard version and secondly Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G referred as Higher Edition. We will talk about both smartphone specs. 

But, let’s first see their leaks that have come out regarding Redmi note 9 5G and Redmi note 9 pro 5G.


The leaked specification of this smartphone has left the user amazed and shocked. Here are some of the specifications.

DISPLAY: 6.53″ FHD+ IPS LCD Display 

PROCESSOR: MediaTek Helio 800U SoC (Note: Sometimes Companies Change Processors of smartphones while launching in different countries).

RAM: It is Expected that Redmi Note 9 5G will have upto 8GB of RAM

ROM: It is expected that this smartphone will have up to 256GB of internal storage.

PRICE: One of the most important factor that pulls the buyer towards the smartphone is their price. Rumors are coming out Redmi note 9 5G has a Price Tag of CNY 1,000 (Which is equal to Rs 11,300). If Redmi will able to keep this price range while launching it in India then it will just bang the Market because at this time only Realme smartphone has 5G smartphone Under Rs 20,000.

CAMERA: As far as we know the smartphone will have 48MP triple-rear Camera.


DISPLAY: 6.67″ FHD+ IPS LCD Display 

PROCESSOR: Snapdragon 750G (Note: Sometimes Companies Change Processors of smartphones while launching in different countries).

RAM: Upto 12GB

ROM: Upto 256Gb

PRICE: Redmi note 9 Pro 5G has a Price Tag of CNY 1,500 (Which is equal to Rs 16,945).

CAMERA: Smartphone will have 108MP triple-rear Camera with a Primary sensor as well.

What is the Release Date of the Redmi Note 9 5G Series?

Weibo the Chinese microblogging website has claimed that this smartphone will launch in the last days of November.

What is our Review and Opinion About Redmi Note 9 5G Series?

If really Redmi will able to launch this smartphone under the expected Price Range and such awesome Specification then definitely Redmi will leave its competitors such as Realme, Oppo, Vivo, and other smartphones which generally target mid and lower range of smartphones. According to us, If Redmi Standard version should also have Sapdragon760G then it would be better than the best.


Redmi is one of the subsidiary company of the most renowned Smartphone Brand Xiaomi. Redmi’s first smartphone was launched in 2013 as the entry-level budget smartphone.

Redmi became a separate brand of Xiaomi in 2019. Redmi generally produces the lower budget smartphone in the market and has a strong grip on it. Whereas Parent Company Xiaomi generally produces mid and high range budget smartphone.

Redmi phone Runs on MIUI which is designed by Xiaomi beside that they use android for their functionality.