Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Launching on Feb 8, 2022- See Specs & Expected Price

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the successor to the Note series, but the rumored device has a different look. Reported renders from OnLeaks suggest the phone will have a squared-off look with flat top and bottom edges. 

The S Pen stylus is also rumored to be included in the device. However, that remains to be seen. The S22 will feature a higher-res screen than the Note line. The display of Galaxy S22 Ultra measures 6.8-inch which is quite decent.

While the phone’s design is still a mystery, rumors are pointing to higher resolution, curved display, variable 120Hz refresh rate, HDR, and a new generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor.

The S22 Ultra is expected to be one of the first phones to feature the processor. While the S22 Ultra is expected to use the same chipset, rumours suggest that there could be big changes coming to the design.

The S22 Ultra may resemble the Galaxy Note in some respects. The S-Pen, which is used to create notes and drawings, may make an appearance on the phone. 

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra- Rumors

There are several rumors that the device will have several camera modules, but none have been confirmed. The S22 Ultra might be a more advanced version of the Note, which is not available yet. But it will be a step in the right direction for Samsung.

Other rumored features of the S22 Ultra include faster 12GB/16GB RAM and dedicated S Pen slots. For the S22 series, there will likely be one or two additional model numbers. 

The Galaxy S22 Plus for Asia and Africa, and Galaxy S22 Ultra for Europe and the U.S. The S22 Ultra will likely be equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, while the base S22 may have an Exynos processor.

Several rumors point to the S22 Ultra having a larger battery than the other smartphone in the S22 series. The S22 Ultra’s screen is smaller than the S22, but its larger screen makes it a good candidate for having a higher resolution.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra- Performance

Moreover, the S22 may be Samsung’s attempt to compete with Apple’s iPhones. The S22 Ultra is a better smartphone than the Note 20, so if it’s a bigger, more powerful phone, you should expect the S22.

The S22 Ultra looks similar to the Galaxy Note20. While the Galaxy Note20 has a camera bump, the S22 Ultra lacks it. Instead, the back of the S22 has a smooth piece of glass. 

In addition to that, the S22 Ultra has four lenses that protrude from the rear, which makes it a more compact smartphone. The front camera is located on the side of the phone, so it’s easy to see the differences in the front and back of the device.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra- Display

The S22’s screen is also expected to have a large screen, and it has a fingerprint sensor. In addition to this, the S22 Ultra’s dual cameras are likely to be capable of handling more complex tasks. This type of dual rear camera setups is a popular choice among many consumers.

The S22 Ultra has an interesting design. The device is said to be much smaller than the Note 20. It could also have a S Pen slot. The S22 Ultra might also have a fingerprint sensor that allows it to be detected in the dark. 

As with most Samsung Galaxy phones, it is important to check specifications before making a purchase. There are a lot of rumors about the S22 series, so it is best to stay updated.

The S22 series is expected to launch in early November 2022, with pre-orders starting on February 8 and general availability on February 18. Unlike the previous series, the S22 series will have a similar design, but the S22 Ultra may have big changes. 

If the S22 Ultra is a rumored device, it may be called the Note 22 Ultra. There are no official details yet, but the S22 is expected to be released in late September, so you should get it soon.

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