Boult Audio ProBass Curve X Neckband Launched in India-Comes with Fast-Charging Support!!!

If you’re looking for a good pair of headphones for your workout sessions, you may want to try the new Boult Audio ProBass Curve X. The new neckband-style headphones are light, comfortable, and stay securely across your neck. 

They are also made to withstand sweat during intense workouts, making them a great choice for any exercise routine. You can enjoy your music to the fullest with the ProBass Curve X’s sonic technology, Bluetooth v5, and magnetic earbuds. 

The Boult Audio ProBass Curve neckband and earphones were recently launched in India. The Boult Audio ProBass Curv X features fast charging expertise and can provide 10 hours of playback in just 10 minutes. 
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Boult Audio ProBass Curve X Neckband- Ergonomics

They also boast IPX5 water resistance and magnetic earbuds. The new neckband supports Bluetooth v5 and is available in Blue and Black color options.
The Boult Audio ProBass Curve neckband was launched in India on Monday. The earphones feature a sweat-resistant band, silicone ear tips, and fast charging technology. 
They support Bluetooth v5 and are made for the active lifestyle. The earbuds also feature magnetic insertion and a high-quality sign amplifier for a clear, transparent calling experience.
The Boult Audio ProBass Curve-X neckband headphone and earphones are available online. The earphones support fast charging and can provide up to 10 hours of playback with just 10 minutes of charging. They are compatible with Bluetooth v5 and offer to be waterproof. The new neckband and earphones can be purchased on Amazon.
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Boult Audio ProBass Curve X Neckband

Boult Audio ProBass Curve X Neckband- Features

With IPX5 water-resistant, IPX5-rated headphones for sports, Boult Audio ProBass Curve is perfect for an active lifestyle. It has a streamlined design and comfortable, sweat-resistant neckband that’s perfect for any type of workout. 
Unlike earbuds, neckband earphones are lightweight and comfortable, with silicone bands and magnetic earbuds. 
These earmuffs come with in-line controls for easy music playback and phone calls. They are also IPX5 water-resistant. They’re available in Black and Blue. You can buy them online or at any retail store or Boult Audio retail outlet.
The neckband headphones were launched in India on Monday. The Boult Audio ProBass Curve-X earphones have a silicone band, magnetic earbuds, and support Bluetooth v5. 
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Boult Audio ProBass Curve X Neckband- Availability

They can be bought on Amazon for Rs. 999. The earphones are also available in Blue and Black. They are available on Amazon in the US and many cities in the country.
The Boult Audio ProBass Curve-X Neckband Wireless Headphone is a Bluetooth-compatible device with a silicone band and sweat-resistant ear tips. They come with a soft silicone band and magnetic earbuds to prevent sweat. 
The earphones support Bluetooth v5 for connectivity. The earphones are available in Black, Blue, and Red, and are priced at around Rs. 999.
The Boult Audio ProBass Curve neckband is a Bluetooth earphone. Its earphones are IPX5-certified for water and sweat resistance. You can use it for both work and play. They are compatible with Bluetooth v5 and have an IPX5 rating.
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Boult Audio ProBass Curve X Neckband- Wrapping Up

The IPX5-certified Boult Audio ProBass CurveX earphones offer extra protection against sweat and water. They also have magnetic earbuds and are sweat-resistant. 
The neckband’s in-line controls allow you to control your music playback and answer calls. In addition, the Bluetooth earphones offer voice assistance for Google Assistant and Siri.
The Boult Audio ProBass Curve neckband is a stylish and comfortable neckband for your workout. They offer up to 15 hours of playtime and are designed to be lightweight and flexible. 
They are designed to fit comfortably on your neck and eliminate external noises while offering a more rich bass sound experience. The adjustable clip and flexible neckband also make them compatible with the size of your neck.
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