Oppo PESM 10 Smartphone listed on TENAA- See Tipped Specifications

The camera on the Oppo PESM 10 is quite impressive. The phone uses a periscope setup, where light enters one lens and reflects through a mirror onto a set of additional lenses. 

Then, the light reaches an image sensor located perpendicular to the body of the phone. The device’s telephoto lens is equivalent to a 35mm lens and has a focal length of 160mm. 

The array also includes a super wide-angle lens and a regular wide-angle lens. The telephoto lens provides an 8x zoom, while the other two are used for 10x zoom.

The Oppo PESM 10 is available in a wide range of colors and comes with an HD display. The phone is capable of recording 1080p videos, which is a great feature. 

The camera is also capable of taking high-quality photos, which is a good thing for people who want a high-quality camera. It is powered by a 5000mAh battery and is supported by Android’s dual-SIM feature. The phone features a fingerprint sensor, which is located in the back of the phone.

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Oppo PESM 10 Smartphone

Oppo PESM 10 Smartphone- ColorOS feature

The Oppo PESM 10 is powered by Android 11.2 and features a heavily customized version of Android called ColorOS 11.2 (on the same foundation as OnePlus). 

It is fairly basic in its default design, but highly customisable, with dedicated themes and manual tweaks. You can also enjoy a multitude of gestures and navigation options, which will make it easy to get around. You should also expect plenty of battery life.

Oppo’s ColorOS 11.2 is the customised version of Android that powers the PESM 10 handset. It looks simple by default, but it is highly customizable. 

You can download and install dedicated themes, manually tweak the phone’s settings, and even install third-party apps. The ColorOS 11.2 interface has few unwanted apps and offers plenty of navigation options. If you have a desire to customize the phone’s look, Oppo PESM 10 is the perfect smartphone.

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Oppo PESM 10 Smartphone- Camera

The Oppo 10x Zoom’s camera is also impressive, offering up to 60x zoom capability. Unlike OnePlus’s telephoto lens, the Oppo 10x Zoom’s three prime lenses use software to fill in the gaps. 

The camera on the Oppo 10x Zoom is also a standout feature. You can even adjust the telephoto lens using the built-in controls on the phone’s side.

The Oppo PESM 10 phone is compatible with most GSM carriers, which means that it is compatible with 2G/3G/4G compatible networks.

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Oppo PESM 10 Smartphone- Connectivity

A lot of phones on the market run on Android, but this model is compatible with both LTE and CDMA. The company also sells SIM cards that work in different countries.

The Oppo PESM 10 is available worldwide. Despite the price, the phone is fast and has a great camera. 

Although the Oppo PESM 10 has a fingerprint scanner, it is compatible with many Bluetooth devices. In fact, it can also support Android-based devices. This means that it can handle both LTE and GSM-compatible phones.

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Oppo PESM 10 Smartphone- Final Words

It has a high-quality camera and a good battery life. The PESM 10 is also compatible with LTE. The Oppo PESM10 is a good choice for people with a limited budget. 

There are several other good choices on the market, but this phone is one of the best. It is priced very well, but it still has plenty of features that make it worth investing in.

It is not surprising that the Oppo PESM 10 has a similar price tag to the OnePlus PESM10 and is also compatible with the US standard. While the phone’s features are quite impressive, it’s important to understand that it is still in its infancy. 

If you’re in the market for a new phone, the Oppo PESM 10 is a great option. When it comes to camera quality, it’s hard to beat a phone at this price.

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