PS Plus Subscription slashed by 50% in India- For Limited Period!!!

The PlayStation Plus subscription price in India has been slashed by 50% to Rs. 1,499, making it much more affordable for gamers. This offer is available only to new subscribers and is only valid for the first 12 months of a subscription. 

The service normally costs Rs. 2,999. In addition to free games and content, PlayStation users can also receive bonus offers and other benefits. The discounts are only available for new subscribers and are valid until the end of the month.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it is slashing the cost of PS Plus Subscription by 50% in India. You can cancel your existing subscription or add more time to it, depending on your needs. The offer will be valid till Dec 19, 2021.

The price drop will only apply to new subscriptions and renewals. It is also possible to purchase gift cards with PS Plus. If you are planning to buy a PS4 or a PS5 this summer, you might want to get the PlayStation+ subscription.

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PS Plus Subscription slashed by 50% in India

PS Plus Subscription slashed by 50% in India- New Price Details

This discount is applicable for the subscriptions on auto-renew, so you can opt to cancel your current one and get a new one. 

If you already have a PS Plus subscription, you will need to wait until then to cancel it. If you are planning to subscribe to PS+ in the future, it is better to wait for the new price to take effect.

The new prices will affect subscriptions on auto-renew, so it is best to cancel these and wait until the new prices take effect to make the most of this amazing deal. 

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PS Plus Subscription slashed by 50% in India- How to get Refund

But if you have already decided to subscribe to PS Plus, you can wait until the new prices take effect. If you already have an active auto-renewing subscription, then you can cancel it and get a refund of 50% of your money.

The PS Plus subscription has been slashed by 50% in India. The savings will be applied to existing subscriptions on auto-renew. If you’re planning to subscribe to PS+ for an entire year, you should wait until the new prices come into effect. 

The prices of PS Plus in India have been cut by 50%, making the subscription more affordable for gamers. You can now buy three games for the price of two. 

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PS Plus Subscription slashed by 50% in India- 50% OFF Price

Moreover, you can also save more by subscribing to PlayStation Plus on auto-renew. There are no catches and exclusions. So, get the PS+ Subscription now before the price increases.

After the price cut, the PS+ subscription is now priced at Rs. 1,999 in India. The price cut applies to monthly subscriptions, not annual subscriptions. 

The new prices are effective on May 1. You can also opt for a yearly PS+ subscription by buying a gift card. The discounted PlayStation Plus offers three games per month. The discount is good for those who have a low budget.

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PS Plus Subscription slashed by 50% in India- Price Chart

The price of the 12-month recurring payment plan will be Rs 3,199, while the 1-month subscription plan will be Rs 499. 

In case of the latter, the new price will only be effective on the first month of the recurring payment. In addition, it will be possible for a 12-month recurring payment to be cancelled before the rescinded term.

The price of PlayStation Plus in India has been slashed by more than 50%. This means that a 12-month recurring payment plan will now cost Rs 2,999, while a three-month subscription will be Rs 1,199. 

This means that a one-month PS+ subscription will be priced at only a fraction of its previous price. And the monthly recurring payment plan will be slashed by nearly 50 per cent in India!

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