Krafton to release PUBG New State Music & Webseries- More Details Inside!!!

The Indian rapper Raftaar is the first celebrity to collaborate with Krafton to produce a song for the game PUBG: New State. The song will act as an anthem for the game’s new features. In addition, Raftaar will be featured in a web series that will be released in December. The series will feature popular Indian pop stars, celebrities, and influencers.

Sony Music India has also partnered with Krafton to incorporate the song ‘Bad Boy x Bad Girl’ into the game. The collaboration with Raftaar is one of many planned for PUBG: New State. 

The company hopes that the new game will boost its brand image in India. The music video for the song will also be included in promotional videos. The video will be accompanied by a dance challenge. The winner of the challenge will win a Google Play gift card worth $5,000 USD.

In addition to the new song, Krafton is collaborating with Sony Music India to create a dance challenge. To participate, participants must use the hashtag #PUBGNewState to upload a video of themselves dancing the New State dance. 

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PUBG New State Music & Webseries

PUBG New State Music & Webseries- Competition

The winner of this competition will receive a Google Play Store Gift Card. The music video will also feature a video of Bollywood singer Badshah performing a new song. This marks the first of many Indian pop music collaborations with the PUBG: NEWS.

In addition to collaborating with artists from the Indian film industry, Krafton is releasing an anthem that will be used in the game. 

A new song by the rapper Badshah will be added to the game’s upcoming anthem, and the company is also launching a dance challenge and a web series for the game. The songs will highlight the game’s different features and will also be released in a digital format.

Along with the new song, Krafton is also releasing a new web series with popular Indian artists. The music will be available in 17 languages and features popular celebrities from the country.

Moreover, the game will be able to be played on smartphones in many languages, including Hindi and Urdu. The music will also be featured on the game’s website and in sponsored content. If you enjoy the game, then you’ll want to check out the web series and the video.

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PUBG New State Music & Webseries- Collaboration

In addition to launching a web series, Krafton has teamed up with Sony Music India to promote the game. This is the first time an Indian company has worked with a popular rapper in order to promote its product in the country. 

The song is expected to be the first in a series of exclusive content for India gamers. Besides, the Korean game publisher is partnering with Sony to create a dance challenge that will be featured on the web.

PUBG New State is expected to launch in India next year. The game has been banned in the country for some time now, but this did not prevent the game from gaining momentum in the country. 

PUBG is still a big hit in the world, and the game has seen a massive increase in sales in India. The new state music and web series will have an impact on the gaming community in India.

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PUBG New State Webseries Information

Along with the music, the game’s web series will feature dance challenges. The web series will also include dance challenges and a Raftaar song. In addition to the songs, the web show will also feature a new state-themed TV show. 

The upcoming TV series will be released on YouTube and will be hosted by Viraj Ghelani. Despite the recent ban, PUBG: NEW STATE is making waves in India through its partnerships with Comedy Factory and Horrorcore Icons.

A web series will be created for PUBG: New State will also have its own music. The game’s anthem will be sung by popular actors, while the web series will feature celebrities and influencers in the game’s social media pages. 

A specific release date has not been decided, but the web series will air on Sony Pictures Television in December. Once the new songs are out, the new series will feature the stars of the game.

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