Caviar Launched the latest iPhone 13 Pro (Gold & Tesla Edition)- See What’s New???

The new Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with a 1TB storage and features a brown crocodile skin bottom. The device is limited to only seven units, and the price is $25,080. 

The Tera series is made up of two models: the Monsterphone and the Teradiamond. Both of these designs include gold frames and are modeled after the Rolex Cellini, an Italian wristwatch.

The Tyrannophone is a special edition iPhone that features a real 80-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus tooth and a yellow amber eye. The iPhone is crafted with a black PVD coating and comes with a black metal casing. 

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caviar iphone 13 pro

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro- Price

The Tyrannophone comes with a hefty price tag of $8,610 USD. This special iPhone is limited to just seven units worldwide. Regardless of its price, it’s sure to attract attention.

The gold-plated version of the Caviar iPhone 13 Pro is even more stunning than the regular version. This unique jewel is an homage to the Rolex Cellini and is inspired by the famous Italian jeweller Benvenuto Cellini. 

It features a 3D dinosaur head, yellow amber eye, and a predatory grin. You’ll definitely love this stylish accessory! Just make sure you get it while you can.

The T-Rex-inspired Caviar iPhone 13 Pro is the flagship product of the Caviar line. The smartphone costs $9,150, and is made entirely of 18K gold. 

In addition to a T-Rex tooth, this device also has a metal bust of Elon Musk that is made from molten metal. The iPhone’s gold counterpart, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, comes with a re-melted Tesla body and is made from re-melted aluminum.

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Caviar iPhone 13 Pro- Design & Models

The Caviar Tera collection offers three different models. While it is limited to only 99 pieces, the two other models are available in the 1TB version for $8500. 

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is available in two colors: white and black. It comes with a 6.1″ touchscreen and a stainless steel back. A lot of people are looking for a stylish iPhone that’s durable and elegant.

The Caviar iPhone 13 Pro is available in 99-piece sets. Both models are expensive, but the Olive Rays line is less expensive. The Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Max is a little more affordable option. It comes in black with gold accents. 

This phone is significantly more expensive than the Olive Rays series, so you’ll probably want to buy one of the two. It’s also slightly more costly than the Olive-Rays series.

The Caviar iPhone is made from metal. The top part is made from gold-plated jewelry alloy. The central tooth is fossilized and contains a real Tyrannosaurus tooth fragment. The overall sculpture is made of titanium. 

A case for the iPhone 13 Pro costs about $8610. If you are an avid fan of Rolex watches, you’ll definitely want to invest in a Cavier phone case. The price is also very reasonable.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is available in two models. The base version is a 128GB model, while the other features a T-Rex tooth. The iPhone 13 Pro Max costs $9150, which is an exceptional price for a phone. The T-Rex tooth on the back panel is an optional extra.

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Caviar iPhone 13 Pro- Other Features

The case is also made of genuine crocodile leather. The iPhone 13 Max is a great choice for those who like to look like dinosaurs. It will make your smartphone look more authentic and will add a touch of class to your outfit.

The Pro 13 iPhone is one of the most expensive smartphones available. It’s made of premium materials and can be purchased by spending lucrative amount. 

The phone comes with a 1TB storage option, which is priced at $9,280. Moreover, the Pro 13 iPhone features a Super Retina XDR display. Besides being made of premium materials, the phone comes with the latest technology, including Face ID.

The Pro Max is the most expensive model. It comes with a large camera module and is made of 18-karat gold. Both of the phones have a gold back cover that protects the camera. Besides, the Pro Max is also available in a gold and diamond version. 

The Tesla Electro is priced at $8,380. The Tesla Electro is a phone case made of solid gold and is a beautiful piece of artwork. It comes with a real piece of Tesla car.

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