Youtube Adds More UI buttons on Android & iOS- Have you Seen It?

YouTube is rolling out an update to its mobile app that makes it easier to access its controls while in full-screen mode. The updated UI includes a row of buttons at the bottom left corner. 

Tap the screen to reveal the buttons, which are used to like and dislike videos, read comments, and share videos with others. The new interface also features a “More Videos” section in the bottom right corner. 

The updated UI includes a row of new icons at the bottom left corner of the video player. The buttons include a like/dislike button, quick toggle to comments, and a’share’ button.  It also adds a “more videos” tab and a “recommended” content tab. A “listening controls” tab is available for music videos. It makes it easier to control the volume while watching. Also Read- Union Budget App 2022-23 Available OnlineYoutube Adds More UI buttons on Android & iOS

Youtube Adds More UI buttons on Android & iOS- Availability

The new UI buttons are available at the bottom of the video player. The “More Videos” shortcut replaces the “Up Next” queue and opens a carousel of YouTube-suggested videos.  The new UI is rolling out to Android and iOS users starting today. The update is scheduled to be rolled out to all devices soon. You can start viewing the new UI now. The new UI also enables users to view video timelines without having to scroll down. The three-dot overflow button is being replaced with a settings gear. The new UI is also compatible with portrait and landscape mode on iOS.  The change is rolling out for Android users, but it is unknown when the update will reach the YouTube website. Regardless of the change, users should be happy with the new UI on Android and iOS. Also Read- JioPhone 5G Smartphone Specs Tipped

Youtube Adds More UI buttons on Android & iOS- Glimpse

YouTube has been making significant changes to its mobile apps recently. The video player UI has been redesigned to give users an improved experience. In addition to the new full-screen mode, YouTube’s UI adds more UI buttons and improved functionality.  The “More Videos” shortcut will open a carousel of suggested videos from YouTube. Lastly, the search bar will be a big improvement for users who are able to easily find what they are looking for. The new YouTube full-screen UI also has a revamped design, with more buttons on the bottom navigation bar. The new UI is cleaner, with fewer buttons and a more minimalistic design.  It also features a new “Up Next” button for viewing videos in the top right corner. These changes make it easier to share and like videos. In addition, the UI on Android is more intuitive to use, and it makes it easier to navigate between videos. Also Read- Boat Immortal 700 Gaming Headphone launched in India

Youtube Adds More UI buttons on Android & iOS- Modes Addition

The new UI also improves the video player’s interface. Now, you can see the video timeline in both portrait and landscape modes, and it also has more options for playing a playlist. The new YouTube UI is rolling out to Android users first, but will soon be available on iPhones and iPads. You’ll be able to see the new features in fullscreen mode. YouTube has also added new UI buttons on its Android and iOS apps. The new UI is now available on iOS and Android. It’s already available on the Android app, but users on iOS have yet to receive it.  This UI change also allows YouTube users to view their playlists more easily. Aside from the new UI, the video player will also support landscape and portrait viewing mode. YouTube is also re-designing its video player. The new UI will allow users to view videos in landscape and portrait modes. The three-dot overflow button has been replaced with a settings gear.  The video player will also be responsive, allowing for both portrait and landscape viewing. This update is currently rolling out to Android app users, and will roll out to the web in the coming month. Also Read- Oppo & OnePlus Combined OS is called H2OOS