How to Cancel Netflix Subscription-100% Tried & Tested

If you’re trying to save money or you don’t like the content and movies on Netflix like you used to it’s not an option. It’s easy to cancel however it can be a little challenging to achieve the final outcome, so let us know how to go about it.

Although it’s not enjoyable to end an account, it could be necessary. It’s a method to eliminate the monthly cost and free your money until you’re ready to renew your subscription. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the cancelation procedure on Netflix.

It’s sometimes difficult to remember the steps to cancel your membership to an internet-based provider, regardless of cloud storage or music, backup services or any other service in the event of. 

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However, if you’re planning to end your subscription with Netflix The best part is that it’s easy when you understand the fundamental steps to follow. The way you cancel your Netflix subscription will depend on the way you set it up initially.

If you signed up to Netflix directly you are able to cancel your subscription by with the help of the devices of Android or iPhone and access to the Netflix website. If you signed up via iTunes then you’ll need to cancel the subscription using your iPhone.

It could also be that you’re charged for Netflix by a third party service for example, smart TVs. One thing you must be wary of is the deletion of or deleting your Netflix account. It has no impact on the status of your membership or invoicing and you’ll be charged regardless of whether or not you remove your account or application.

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How to Cancel Netflix Subscription in Browser

Netflix has been able to win over lots of users, however, certain customers may think about removing themselves from the service to determine if the grass might be greener in other areas. In addition to these giants, smaller and less specialized companies are attempting to come into existence.  The competition is fierce, and the offerings are attractive (evidenced by our pick of the best shows on Netflix or Disney +). Here’s the thing: If you don’t have full accounts, it’s difficult to afford all of the services. This is why certain people might want to cancel their subscription to Netflix.

Here are the steps to follow for cancelling your Netflix subscription.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

  • Open your respective web browser and go to the official Netflix website.
  • On the top-right corner, you will see a drop-down icon. Press it.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

  • The third step is to choose the Accounts option from the dropdown box.
  • Now inside the Accounts option, search for the Billing & Membership option.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

  • Inside the Billing & Membership option, you will see the option to cancel your Netflix subscription.
  • You will now receive two options which is whether you want to delete your DVD account subscription or OTT account subscription.

Select the option which suits you the most. Now, all you have to do is press the Proceed button and your Netflix subscription will be cancelled with immediate effect.

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How to Cancel Netflix Subscriptions on iPhone/iPad using iTunes

If you purchased Netflix subscriptions via iPhone or iPad then you have to do a simple step in order to cancel the Netflix subscription. For this, iTunes will help you a lot. All you have to do is.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

  • Open your iPhone or iPad whichever you own and go to the Settings.
  • Now simply search for the “iTunes and App Store”. You can easily find this option if not then you may search it on Settings search box.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

  • Now, a new window will pop up displaying the Apple ID or IDs you own. Select the appropriate ID through which you have created the Netflix account.
  • After entering into it, scroll a bit and you will see the option of Subscriptions. Here you will see the list of all paid subscriptions that you have enabled on your smartphone.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription


  • In the list, search for Netflix in order to check the status of it which you will most probably find active.
  • If so, then you can disable the paid subscription on the Netflix app by simply clicking on the “Cancel Netflix Subscription”.

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Conclusion- How to Cancel Netflix Account

If you don’t access the option to unsubscribe from your membership on the Account page it’s because you’re being billed by a different party. If this is the case on your Account page , you will find an option to walk you through the cancellation procedure by contacting your billing provider or directions for contacting the billing company you use to cancel.

Point to be noted that once you have cancelled your account, you are able to come back to Netflix at any time. All you have to do is sign in using your credentials and select the “Restart” or “Restart Membership” option from the Account page. Your ratings, viewing activity as well as recommendations are accessible for 10 months following the time your account is closed.

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