Instagram is testing 60 seconds long Stories Format- See Inside Details!!!

It looks like Instagram is expanding its Stories format to allow users to post longer videos. The new feature allows users to record videos that are up to 60 seconds long. These stories can be split into several sections. 

In addition to the new feature, Instagram is also testing a new Story posting interface that will make it easier to tag other accounts and include a location. There’s no word on when these changes will be available to all users, but it’s a great start.

In a recent update, Instagram rolled out the ability for users to post videos that are up to 60 seconds long. This change will give users the opportunity to post videos longer than 15 seconds. 

This change will allow users to post longer videos without breaking them into multiple Stories frames. The move comes at a time when Instagram has made many changes to their platform, and it makes sense to continue making these changes as they make them.

Another change that has already been rolled out is the ability to upload 60-second videos in Stories. The video will no longer be broken up into 15-second chunks and will now play across multiple frames. 

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Instagram is testing 60 seconds long Stories Format

Instagram is testing 60 seconds long Stories Format- Enhancements

According to Paluzzi, the move is part of Instagram’s ongoing efforts to improve their creative tools and make them easier for users. But it’s unclear whether Instagram will roll out this new feature or not.

The new feature will allow users to upload videos that are longer than 15 seconds. Currently, Instagram allows users to post videos up to fifteen seconds, but this will likely soon expand to 60-seconds. 

This will make the platform more user-friendly and give the ability to upload more videos than 15 seconds. This will allow users to post longer videos without the hassle of having to split the video into multiple stories. In addition, longer videos will now fit into a single story.

While Instagram has not confirmed the launch of the new feature, it has begun testing 60-second stories for a small group of users. This feature could be a huge change for the company’s creative tools, which currently limit the size of stories to 15 seconds. 

But if this format is adopted widely, it will streamline the sharing process and provide a better experience for users. There’s no reason why it can’t come to the market.

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Instagram is testing 60 seconds long Stories Format- Availability

Although this new feature is still in the early stages, it’s already useful for users. With this new feature, users can post video for up to 60 seconds in the Stories format. 

This is a great way to share your video with friends and family. It also makes sharing your videos much easier. And with this new feature, you can upload longer videos. The app is already in the process of integrating the new feature.

As the number of users increases, the app is also testing the ability to upload longer videos to Stories. The new feature allows users to record 60-second videos and upload them to their story. 

While it’s still limited to 15 seconds, it will likely eventually allow people to record longer videos. This means that the social media platform is moving toward a more streamlined format for its Stories. If this feature is successful, the new format will allow more people to upload longer video content.

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Instagram is testing 60 seconds long Stories Format- Wrap Up

As Instagram continues to work to keep users engaged, it’s expanding its video formats. The new 60 second Stories format will allow users to upload videos that are up to 60 seconds.

There are some limitations to the new feature, but it’s a welcome addition nonetheless. It will definitely increase the number of users on the platform. Aside from the new format, Instagram is also testing the integration of reels.

Instagram is testing 60-second videos in Stories. The new feature will not allow users to create longer videos, as they are too short to be effective. Instead, the videos will be split into 15-second chunks. 

But the longer videos will be played in the same frame, so users can post more than one video. The new format will also make it easier to add tags and locations to the stories. It isn’t clear whether this will be the last step for Instagram.

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