Kiriko Kamori in Overwatch 2- A Healer, Wall Climber, Taunting Persona, Kunai Usage

Kiriko Kamori in overwatch 2

In the Overwatch media franchise, Kiriko Kamori is a fictional playable character. First appearing in Overwatch 2, the 2022 first-person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Kiriko is based on Japanese folklore, with her character design and gameplay mechanics influenced by Shinto folk religion. Kiriko is a healer Kiriko is a new Overwatch hero who has …

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Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro & Book 2 Pro 360 Unveiled at MWC 2022-Here are the Specifications!!!

Samsung has also participated at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in 2022. The company this time has bought a series of laptops with some exemplary features embedded in it. As we all know the demand for the laptop has surged multiple times after the lockdown. The company wanted to capture those market percentages so that …

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TCL Foldable and Rolloable Phone Concept- See What’s Intresting Inside!!!

TCL Foldable and Rolloable Phone Concept

The Fold ‘n’ Roll phone concept from TCL is a phone that can be folded into a small, pocket-sized package and unfolded to be an 8.85-inch phablet. When unrolled, it can become a 10-inch tablet.  The device has been in development for two years. TCL general manager of global marketing for its phone business Stefan …

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Apple Air Power Multi-Device Charger is in Testing Mode!!! See What’s Intresting

Apple Air Power Multi-Device Charger

The Air Power charger would be a perfect way to charge multiple Apple devices at the same time. According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently working on this project. The company first announced this project in 2017.  AirPower was a Qi matt charger that could charge three Apple devices. However, the project never went into commercial …

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