How to Hide Apps in Oppo in 2021- The Ultimate Step by Step Guide

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Do you also wanted to know how to hide apps in oppo? Then, this blog post is for you and we are going to discuss step by step guide to hide your apps in oppo smartphones using an inbuilt smartphone function.

If you are using an Oppo smartphone that supports ColorOS 4.0 or below versions then the inbuilt app function might not work for you. But you don’t need to worry about it as we will also suggest to you the best third-party apps that can be used to your apps instantly.

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Oppo is one of the most loved smartphones owned by BBK Electronics. This Chinese smartphone company offers a lot of customizations and edits to their smartphone. Their ColorOS operating system is admirable and user-interactive that offers a lot of inbuilt features.

Oppo Mobile was started in 2004 in Dongguan, China. Besides selling top-class smartphones, the company is also in the side business of Blu-ray Players, Power Banks, Audio Devices, and a lot more. As per the recent reports, the company has expanded its business in more than 40 countries and has been ranked in the Top 10 smartphone manufacturer company.

Oppo smartphones work on the ColorOS operating systems which is based on Android. The latest among them is ColorOS 11.1 based on Android 11 offering extensive customization options.

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How to Hide Apps in Oppo Smartphones

How to Hide Apps in Oppo without using Third-party Apps

If you are using an Oppo smartphone that supports ColorOS 5.0 or above version then it becomes super easy for you to hide apps. Here is the Step by Step process on how to hide apps in oppo using without using any third-party apps. The process is supported by nearly all major oppo devices such as Oppo Reno 4 Pro, Oppo F19 Pro+, Oppo Find X3 Pro, Oppo A9, etc.

how to hide apps in oppo

1) Switch ON your dedicated Oppo smartphone and visit the Settings option.

how to hide apps in oppo

2) Tap on the Settings option and search for the Fingerprint, Face & Password option.

how to hide apps in oppo

3) After entering inside the option, there is “You Might be looking for” option and in that the first option is App Lock. Select the App Lock option.

how to hide apps in oppo

4) In the App Lock option,  Select the Enable Password Verification option and below that also press the “Hide Home Screen Icon” option.

how to hide apps in oppo

5) Step 5 is to set up the password and remember that you must start your passcode format will be like “#<1 to 16 digit number>#“. For example, #1256# can be one of your passwords.

how to hide apps in oppo

6) After selecting the Password, Click on Done. This process will encrypt your app with a password.

7) Now for hiding the App, Turn ON the Hide From Home Screen option.

After completing this process visit your Home Screen and search for the App. You will notice that the App has been hidden.

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How to Find the Apps Hidden in Oppo Smartphone

Have you successfully Hidden the Apps? Now, how to get back those apps that we have hidden then just follow the steps below. Recovering the hidden Apps from your smartphone is a super easy and straightforward way. So let’s find out how

how to hide apps in oppo

1) Go to the Mobile Keypad option.

2) In the Keypad, Type the Password entered. For example: #<1 to 16 digit number>#

how to hide apps in oppo

3) As soon as you have complete the Password, a new screen will pop-up showing the App that has been hidden.

If you further want to add or remove app you can do it from here. Also, if you want to modify some changes (i.e. wanted to receive the hidden app notifications) you can do it with just a single click.

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How to Hide Apps in Oppo using Third-Party Application

If you have Oppo Smartphone that supports version below ColorOS 5.0 then you will not be able to use the App Lock feature. The thing is that you need not worry about hiding apps as there are many third-party apps in the market that can hide apps with much-advanced security features.

One of the third-party apps that we recommend you to use for hiding apps in your Oppo smartphone is “Lock App“. The app is available on Google Play Store and is only 1.6 MB in size. The review of the app is 4.4/5 which is considered to be an excellent rating. One more thing about this app is that it does not have any Ads making it great in user-experience.

The Lock App is very easy to use but still, we will give you a glimpse of how to hide apps in the Lock App. 

how to hide apps in oppo

1) Go to the Google Play Store, Search for Lock App.

2) Download the App and activate it.

how to hide apps in oppo

3) Select the All Apps option on the top. This will open up all the apps that are installed on the smartphone.

4) Just after Tapping the App, it will hide instantly without a delay.

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Here are some proven ways on how to hide apps in oppo. We have successfully tested and researched all the methods mentioned above. We have also ensured that all the methods suggested are easy to implement and can be understood by everyone.

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