Jio Network Problem 2021- 100% Ultimate Guide on How to Fix it

Jio Network Problem is one of the most common issues faced by its subscribers. Even though, the company has around 22 Telecom circles around PAN India but some of the cities and villages left out with nearly no or bare minimum network support.

If you are also facing a problem in using a Jio Network then don’t worry we will give you the Ultimate solution to Jio Network Problem. In this blog post, we are covering almost all major problem related to Jio Network such as low internet speed and how to fix it.

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jio network problem fix 2021


Reliance Jio is India’s one of the topmost Telecom Company. The company has over 406.35 million subscribers in India. They are further looking to expand Telecom circles so that their subscribers can enjoy the Fast Internet at a low cost.

Jio was officially launched in 2016 and has created a buzz in the whole Telecomm market by offering free 4G Internet. It’s because of Jio that India has the cheapest Internet Plans in comparison to other companies around the world.

This Telecom company has over 40 crores SIM subscribers making it the largest Telecommunication Company in India and third largest in the world. If we see the Subscribers graph then we will find that the company has gained 1.6 crores subscribers within a month of launch and surpassed over 10 crore subscribers within a year.

Besides that, the Company has also stepped into several other businesses in India. Some of the other most popular services delivered by Jio are Jio Broadband, Jio Cloud, Jio TV, etc.

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jio network problem fix 2021

Jio Network Problem: How to Fix

There are several proven ways out there to fix Jio Network Problem. In this blog post, we will discuss the legit and proven ways to enhance your Jio speed and ultimately fix a network problem.

How to Fix No Signal/ Low Signal Issues

The No Signal or low signal issues are the most common Jio Network Problem in village areas. This problem arises in two cases, the first one is either the Jio Tower is very far from you or your mobile configuration has not been set according to Jio Network Bandwidth. So let’s see how you can fix No signal or Low signal issues. Follow the steps below

jio network problem fix 2021

By Switching Network From Automatic to Manual

Follow the steps given below to switch your Network from Automatic to Manual. This process will drastically improve your Network quality hence fixing the Low Signal Issues.

1) Open the Setting Option from your phone.

2) Open the Mobile Networks from the Setting Option.

3) After opening the Mobile Network Option, Select the Network Operators option.

4) In the Network Operators option, Select the Manual option.

5) Wait until the Network Scan not completed, after the scan completed successfully “Select the Jio Network Option” from the available network after scanning.

NOTE:- If you are using Dual-SIM card smartphones then Switch your Data to Jio before executing this process.

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jio network problem fix 2021

Reboot your Mobile for Fixing No Signal Issues

Have you heard about rebooting your smartphone? It is the process to reconfigure your smartphone settings to the optimum level. Rebooting can also be one of the best possible methods to Solve the Jio Network problem of No Signal, Call drops, Low signal, etc.

1) Open the Keypad of your Mobile and enter the Code “*#*#4636#*#*“.

2) From the option, Click on the Phone Info.

3) You will also see the Radio Option, Just make sure it is Turned ON to complete the Ping Test successfully.

4) Run down the Ping Test on your smartphone.

5) After completing the Reboot process, Restart your smartphone and see whether your Network Connection is back or not.

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jio network problem fix 2021

By Turning ON the Flight Mode for Sometime

If the above method seems very complicated to you and you are searching for the easiest and best way to regain Jio Signal then this method for you. In this method, you have to just Turn ON the Flight Mode for some time in order to fix Jio Network Problem. Here are the steps you need to follow.

1) Switch ON and go to the Setting section of your smartphone.

2) In the Setting Section, search for Flight Mode or Airplane Mode.

3) After finding the Airplane/ Flight Mode option, Simply Turn ON the option for 10-15 minutes.

4) After that, just Switch OFF the Flight Mode and in most possible cases you will find that your phone has got the Signal and this way Jio Network problem fixed instantly without any long process.

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Jio Network Problem: How to Fix Slow Internet Issue in Jio

Besides having low signal issues, people who are Jio subscribers are also facing the Slow Internet issue. The problem of slow internet can be fixed by following the process below.

jio network problem fix 2021

Fix Slow Internet Speed Issue with APN

APN stands for Access Point Names and is one of the most important settings for optimum internet speed and high network susceptibility. If you think your Jio Intenet Speed is slow and you have tried every possible way to fix it but does not able to do so then you must have to check your APN (Access Point Names) settings properly.

Below are the steps on how to configure your Access Point according to Jio Network.

i) Open up the Settings of your smartphone and go to the Mobile Networks.

ii) From the Mobile Network, Visit the Access Point Names section.

iii) In the APN settings, see whether you have Jio APN settings installed.

iv) If you do not found any of the Jio APN settings in your smartphone then call on Jio Customer Care Portal and ask for Jio APN Settings.

v) You will receive APN settings in the SMS inbox. You have to just install the Intenet Settings.

vi) After you have successfully installed the Jio APN, Just Restart your Phone and you will find that your Internet Speed has increased drastically.

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