How to Delete PhonePe Account Parmanently in 2021- Absolutely Killer Tips

How to Delete PhonePe Account permanently in 2021? Are you also searching for this query then you are at the right place because we are going to give you step by step guide on how to Delete PhonePe account permanently in 2021.

There are many reasons why anyone wanted to delete his or her PhonePe account. One of the most prominent reasons to delete PhonePe accounts is: Having more than one PhonePe or UPI account and wanted to delete the one which is not usable anymore.

Some other reasons why many people wanted to delete PhonePe account are: Not getting cashback from PhonePe while other UPI Apps offer great cashback and offer or customers might not be happy with the service quality of PhonePe.

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Before deleting your account in PhonePe make sure that you have used up all your wallet balance because once the account is closed you will probably not going to get any money returns from PhonePe.

It is also necessary that you must delink or delete your Credit/ Debit Card details and remove the Bank Account you have added in PhonePe.

Let’s delete the Debit/Credit Card details and linked the bank account first before removing your PhonePe account permanently. Here are the guided steps to delete your PhonePe account.

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How to Delete Debit/Credit Card Details in PhonePe?

If you once use a Debit/Credit card for transactions then it gets automatically saved on the PhonePe Data server. Follow the steps given below to delete Debit/Credit Card information.

how to delete phonepe account

1) Open the PhonePe app, Go to the My Money section visible on the bottom toggle bar.

2) After you have entered in My Money section, Go to the Payment section by scrolling down.

how to delete phonepe account

3) In the Payment section, you will see the Debit Cards and Credit Cards option.

4) Click on the options and see if your details of Debit Cards and Credit Cards are saved in the section.

how to delete phonepe account

5) If you see that your card information is saved then simply click on the three-dot icons on the top right side of your card details.

6) After clicking the icon, you will see the Remove option and simply Click Yes on the final confirmation.

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How to Delete Linked Bank Account from PhonePe?

1) Open the PhonePe app, Go to the My Money section placed at the bottom of the App.

how to delete phonepe account

2) After entering in My Money, Go the Payment section and click on the Bank Accounts option.

3) When you open the Bank Account section, you will see all the Bank Accounts that are linked to PhonePe. Simply click on the Bank Account you want to delete.

how to delete phonepe account

4) After tapping the Bank Account you want to delete, you will see the Unlink Bank Account option.

5) Click on the option and tap Yes. Congrats you have successfully unlinked your Bank Account from PhonePe.

6) Now for the final confirmation, PhonePe will ask you to Unlink your Bank Account. Tap the Unlink button and instantly your bank account will be unlinked from the PhonePe App.

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How to Delete PhonePe Account Permanently in 2021?

If you are sure that you do not want to use the existing PhonePe account then here are the steps to delete it permanently.

Also, note that you cannot delete your account permanently unless and until you have deleted your Bank account and Card details. So, please follow the above steps mentioned before deleting your PhonePe Account.

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Remember that once you have deleted your PhonePe Account you cannot use it again. So better be, if you check that you do not have money in your wallet or any important transactions left out. After, finalizing the above suggestions follow the steps mentioned below on how to delete the PhonePe account permanently in 2021.

how to delete phonepe account

1) Open the PhonePe app from your dedicated smartphone and Log in to the app.

2) After the successful login, Click on the Help button?“, which should be visible on the topmost right corner.

how to delete phonepe account


3) Done it, Now in the Help section, you will see the My Account and KYC option.

4) Now, click on the option of the Account-related issue.

5) Under it, you will see Deleting my PhonePe account.

how to delete phonepe account

6) Tap on How do I Delete/deactivate My PhonePe account.

how to delete phonepe account

7) Now, a small article will pop-up in front of you and at the last of the article you will see Deactivate your PhonePe account option. Tap on the icon and your PhonePe account will be permanently deleted in 2021.

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In this blog post, we have tried our best to cover each and every query related to deleting or deactivating the PhonePe account. Though, PhonePe is India’s largest UPI payment app so it has a good customer base and is a highly supportive network but it has its cons too.

We would also like to remind you that we have written the blog post in a systematic order on the topic “how to delete PhonePe account permanently in 2021”.

Today, there are many companies out there that provides more secure and fast transactions with cashback too. So, it’s better if you test each and every UPI payment platforms before shifting to any app permanently.

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