Amazon Prime Youth Offer in 2021- Untapped Steps to Grab them

Amazon Prime craze is just blowing out the user’s mind. The OTT platform is bringing back-to-back hit web series and movies. In India, Amazon Prime Video is the only platform available that is giving tough competition to Netflix.

Most of the OTT platform users are youth that’s why all the companies are trying their best to grab these audiences. Amazon has also come up with the Amazon Prime Youth Offer in which youth will get 50% Cashback on purchasing the Amazon Prime Plan.

With Amazon Prime subscriptions, you can not only watch web series, movies, or live-stream music but can also do a lot of other things too. For example, if you are an amazon prime user then all the latest products launching on the platform will be available for you before the actual launch date.

Not only that, but the Amazon Prime subscribers will also get super-fast order deliveries. These are the benefits that one will get after purchasing Amazon Prime subscriptions.

If you are a youth too and wanted to know how to grab Amazon Prime Youth offers then you are at the right place because we gonna tell you a step-by-step process through which you can get the Amazon Prime youth offer.

We will also guide you on what you should not do while applying for Amazon Prime Youth Offers as this will lead to disapproval of your request. The methods that we are going to suggest are 100% tried and tested by experts. So without wasting our time let’s start our methods.

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amazon prime youth offers

Terms & Conditions on applying for Amazon Prime Youth Offers?

There are some prescribed terms & conditions which you should consider before applying for the Amazon Prime Youth offers. We have discussed those T&Cs in brief so you don’t get bored from reading this. Here are some of the major points

1) The offer starts from 5 July 2019 and if any person is turned 18 years or older after this date is eligible for the offer.

2) The cashback will be provided on the 3 months or 12 months of amazon prime subscriptions.

3) Cashback will be provided in the form of a Gift Card issued by QwikCilver Solutions Private Limited.

4) If you have purchased 1-year subscriptions then you will get Rs 500 Cashbacks.

5) If you have purchased a 3-months subscription plan you will get Rs 165 as Cashbacks.

6) Make sure that the ID you are uploading must be authorized by the government. It clearly means that you cannot upload your School ID or College IDs.

These are some of the major points of the terms and conditions which you should keep in mind before applying for the Amazon Prime Youth Offers. The points are simple and straightforward that they could be easily understood.

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How to Grab Amazon Prime Youth Offer in 2021?

If you are a youth and your age lies between 18 to 24 years then you can easily avail of this offer. For activating this offer, you need to upload your selfie and valid ID card to the website/app. Here are the steps of applying for the amazon prime youth offer.

amazon prime youth offers

1) Before Applying for the Amazon Prime Youth offer, you have to purchase the Amazon Prime Pack of Rs 329, Rs 999.

2) After that, Go to the Prime section and there you will find an option of verifying age.

amazon prime youth offers

3) Upload the ID in which your Name, Date of Birth, and ID number is clearly visible. It could be any document but make sure it should be authorized by government authorities such as Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID, etc.

4) Now, after completing the above steps you have to upload one selfie of yours. Make sure that you should take a selfie with proper dress-up.

amazon prime youth offers

5) Then click on Submit button and your request will be sent to the Amazon team.

After your request is being approved, you will receive 50% cashback on the pack you have purchased.

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Dont’s while Applying for the Amazon Prime Youth Offers

We have explained what one should need for Amazon Prime Youth Offers but now we should also explain some points which you should never do before applying.

1) You should not upload your Selfie in low-light or a place in which your face is clearly available.

2) Make sure that your Photo, Name, Date of Birth, and Document Number are clearly visible on the documents.

3) You should purchase at least a 3-months subscription plan. The offer is not available on the 1-month Amazon Prime Plan.

4) You have to apply manually for the Amazon Prime youth offers.

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FAQs related to the Amazon Prime Youth Offers

Here are some questions which are frequently by the users. We have tried our best to cover all the questions. Here are some of the FAQs.

1) How to Apply for Amazon Prime Youth Offers if we are older than 24 years?

If want to apply for Amazon Prime Youth Offers but you are older than 24 years then you can create a new Amazon ID of someone who is younger than 24 years.

After creating an account, buy Amazon Prime Plan and upload his/her valid ID and Selfie on the platform. You will get approval if all your details are correct.

2) Is youth Offer still Available?

Amazon LLC has launched the youth offers on their Prime subscription from 5 July 2019. From the day onwards the offer is valid and as per the company, it will be valid until and unless no prior notice comes from their core team.

The youth offer is still available and if your age lies between 18 to 24 years then you can easily avail amazon prime youth offer.

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3) How many times one can avail Amazon Prime Youth Offers?

As far as we know, one user can apply for this offer twice and after that, they will not get the benefits of this offer. But you can create new IDs and validate this offer again and again.

In my recommendations, you should purchase at least a plan because in this way you will get Rs 500 cashback. If we calculate, we will find out that a 2-year subscriptions plan will be offered for just Rs 1000.

4) What are the benefits of Amazon Prime Subscriptions?

If you are a regular Amazon user then you can grab some great deals using the Amazon Prime subscriptions offer. We have listed some genuine points which show how beneficial can Amazon Prime membership be.

– Free One and Two Day delivery at the Selected address.

– Additional Discounts on selected Products.

– Early Access on the latest launched products.

– Unlimited Movies, Videos, Games, Songs, available on the Prime Membership Plan.

– Borrow Ebooks, Comics, novels, and other reading materials.

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Conclusion- Amazon Prime Youth Offers

To compete with its biggest rival Netflix, Amazon LLC has come up with the Amazon Prime Youth Offers. It will provide up to 50% cashback for the users whose age is between 18 to 25 years. As we all know the majority of the OTT platform consumer are youths.

In order to attract youth, Amazon Prime has introduced this offer. Netflix is also not very much far behind Amazon in attracting the youth towards its platform. Recently, Netflix has launched a free subscription plan for its users.

Amazon has made a long move with its prime subscription in the way that once youths get attracted towards the Prime Plan they will also make them shop on Amazon by introducing new offers to them. This way they will promote their main shopping business.

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