How to Reactivate Instagram Account 2021- Secret but 100% Working

Instagram, one of the most renowned social media app ever made. The features provided in the apps are really eye-catching. As per recent reports, this social media platform has more than 1 billion monthly active users. This in return has given the revenue of $24 billion in 2020 which is around 37% of the total revenue of Facebook.

Its hearty features make anyone fall for it and make it addictive of the social media app. If you are also one who has suffered from social media addiction and has taken an action to deactivate your social media accounts especially Instagram.

After being overcoming this addiction if you wanted to reactivate your Instagram account but don’t know how to do it. If you are searching for how to reactivate your Instagram account all over the Internet then this blog post is written especially for you.

We have tried and tested every method possible and have come up with the most simple and easiest way to reactivate your Instagram account. In this blog, we are going to discuss with you the best approach to reactivate your Instagram account again without any hiccups or delays.

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Things you should keep in mind before reactivating your account

Reactivating an account on Instagram is very simple and straightforward but there are certain points that you should keep in mind before that.

1) Make sure that your Instagram account has not been disabled in case of any violation of community guidelines.

2) After you have successfully deactivated your Instagram account, you should wait at least 24 hours before applying for reactivating your Instagram account.

3) If you are logging into your Instagram account with another smartphone then do remember your Username and Password. In case you don’t then the Mobile number or email ID which you have entered while creating an account.

4) If you are using a smartphone then it is highly recommended you should reactivate your Instagram account via an app rather than a browser. In this way, you can securely obtain your reactivated account within a few seconds without any security risks.

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How to Reactivate Instagram Account

1) Go to your respective app store (If using an Android smartphone then visit Google Play Store & If using an iOS device then kindly visit Apple App Store) and download the decent Instagram app from the store.

2) After being successfully installing the app into your smartphone, open your Instagram app.

3) A new interface will open up asking for your Username and Password. If you are using the app after a long time and have forgotten your Password then Simply click on the Forget Password option.

4) In case, you have remembered your Instagram Username and Password then enters it into the respective box and click on Log In.

If your account has not been disabled by Instagram and you have entered the Instagram username and password correctly then you will be directly logged into your account.

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How to Reactivate Instagram account if disabled by the Company

Normally, companies like Facebook and Instagram do not take very much severe actions against their users. But sometimes it happens that users have violated some serious policies and community guidelines of the app which is result let to the disabling of the Instagram account.

Like other social media apps, Instagram doesn’t really explain that on violating which community guidelines the account has been disabled. It will just show you a pop-up message displaying that your account has been disabled because of violating our community guidelines.

If you are one of those users whose account has been disabled by the company itself then you can procure your account back with some simple steps. Here are those steps

1) Open the Instagram Help section from the Chrome browser.

2) Type your query “My account has been deactivated” and search for the most appropriate FAQs from the list.

3) As soon as you will enter the right section, you will get an option of submitting your account in order to get back access to the Instagram account.

4) Enter your Full Name, Email address, Instagram Username, Mobile Number. The most important thing is that your write in brief that you haven’t violated any community guidelines and my account was mistakenly deactivated.

5) At last, Press the submit button and let it be read by the Instagram team. If you will provide a genuine and authentic method then you will get your account activated for sure.

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How to disable the Instagram account

Addiction to social media has been increasing fastly. If we calculate the statistics then we spend around 15- 30% of our total time on social media. This in return gives us an addiction to it. That’s why it is advisable that you should take a break from social media at regular intervals.

You should spend some time with your family, friend, or even yourself alone. One more thing which is advisable if you are addicted to social media is reading books. If you think that you simply turn off your smartphone and you have to get rid of social media then it is completely wronge.

The time to time notifications and new posts from any of your friends make you go for social media. If you are damn serious then you should try deactivating your account for some time or simply uninstalling the app. Also, set the time period until when you have not to use social media account.

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Conclusion-How to reactivate Instagram Account

If you have finally overcome your Instagram addiction and wanted to use your account again then there are some priorities that have been set up. If you have temporarily deactivated your Instagram account yourself then that account can be reactivated again by simply logging into your account.

But if your account has been suspended by the Instagram team then you will find it a little bit difficult to get your account back. What to do in this case, should you create a new Instagram account and forget the old one? No in most cases (unless some serious violations), the company hand over your account once again.

But for this, you have to go through certain procedures and steps. You have to send the Instagram team that about your related query and if it slight violation they will tell you a date and time from which your account will be activated again.

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