How to Unhide a Song on Spotify- Hidden Tricks for Android, iOS, & Laptop

Spotify is the world’s largest online music streaming platform founded in the year 2006. At that time online music streaming was not very much popular and people use to download songs offline in order to hear it.

But as the smartphone became more revolutionizing, the online music streaming trend increased drastically which makes Spotify the world’s No. 1 music streaming platform. As per the latest surveys, the platform has over 365 monthly visitors with 165 million paid subscribers.

Though there are tons of online music streaming platforms available but what makes Spotify so special amongst them is their services. You can filter out the best songs for you in the list of millions of songs.

Above all that, you can also get the option to hide or unhide the songs. In this particular blog, we will discuss with you the best ways to unhide the hidden songs on Spotify. So, here are the ways.

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How to Unhide a Song on Spotify

1) How to Unhide a Song on Spotify if using iOS device

If you have got an iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, or others and wanted to unhide a song on Spotify then follow these steps.

1) Open the Spotify app and visit the Settings area.

2) Scroll down a little bit and you will find an option of Show Unplayable Songs.

3) You will find that the option is turned off, you simply need to Turn on that particular option.

4) All you have to do is go to your song playlist and press the hide button again. Then you will be able to play those songs hidden songs.

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How to Unhide a Song on Spotify

2) How to Unhide a Song on Spotify if using an Android device

Not very much but there are slight changes in the way of unhiding songs in Spotify if using an Android device. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to unhide songs.

1) Open the Spotify app and from the home screen, go to the Settings section.

2) From the Settings, go to the Playback section and switch the Show Unplayable button.

3) Now visit your Playlist again and press the hide button available by tapping the three-dot icon in front of the songs.

4) Now all you have to do is refresh your app once and search for the songs that were previously hidden.

You will be glad to see all the hidden songs back into your playlist with this simple trick.

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3) How to Unhide a Song on Spotify if using a Windows laptop

If you are using Spotify on a PC or laptop then what to do? Don’t worry we have got a way with it too. Just follow the steps.

1) Open the Spotify app and log into your account with the given email ID and Password.

2) Visit the Settings area by tapping the Gear icon.

3) After that, Go to the Display and there you will find an option of “Show Unavailable Songs in Playlists”.

4) You have to Enable the option and go to your respective playlist.

5) Tap the Hide button on the songs and refresh it to see all the hidden songs in Spotify.

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How to Unhide a Song on Spotify

How to Hide Songs in Spotify

If you have known the best ways to unhide the songs then what to do when it comes to a situation in which you have to hide the songs again. Don’t worry, hiding apps in Spotify is really simple and all you have to do is

1) Open Spotify and search for the songs you want to hide.

2) Found the song, now click on the three-dot icon appearing just in front of the song.

3) As soon as you click on the song, several options will appear in front of you including the hiding song feature.

4) Tap the button to finally hide the songs from your music directory.

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FAQs- How to unhide a song on Spotify

1) What country is Spotify from?

– The Legendary music streaming platform started in Stockholm, Sweden in the year 2006. The app has one of the largest collections of music and has got around 165 million subscribers.

The company has also been registered on the American Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of around $9 billion in the year 2021.

2) Can I use Spotify without Facebook?

– Previously, it is mandatory to have a Facebook account in order to Sign up for the Spotify account. But now all those conditions have been removed and you can freely sign up into your Spotify account without the need of having a Facebook account.

Nowadays, users can Sign up for their Spotify account using email ID, phone number, or via popular social media sites including Facebook.

3) Which is better Spotify or YT Music?

-Comparing overall, Spotify offers more extensive and advanced services to the users as compared to YT Music. This music streaming platform has got more songs, vast social sharing features, and comes with the Podcast option too.

It depends upon the choice of users. If they want all the above features then they may opt for Spotify else the YT Music is also a very good platform for music streaming.

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Conclusion-How to Unhide a Song on Spotify

Spotify offers us so much control over the music. It allows us to Shuffle, Download, Hide, or Unhide songs in the app. Also, you do not need to take a Paid subscription to the app for this. You just have to download the app and log into it.

In all the options provided, the most necessary option is hiding/unhiding apps. With just simple steps you can hide those songs which you want to prevent others from hearing and easily get those songs back when need to hear them.

We have spent a lot of time in doing research for the best approach for unhiding songs on Spotify. We have explained thoroughly the best ways to unhide the apps no matter if you own an iOS device, Android, or Windows device. The ways we have suggested works for all.

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