How to Grab Refurbished iPhones in India 2021-Best recommended platforms

Possessing an iPhone is every youth’s dream nowadays. There is hardly any person on the earth alive who does not know about the iPhone. Not only in India but people from all over the world are crazy about it, you will also see a long line waiting in the western countries to buy this prestigious smartphone as soon as it launches in the market.

 In India, unfortunately, the iPhone market share in the world of smartphones is only 2%. To increase their sale in India, Apple has thought to introduce genuine and authentic stores all over the country so that they could boost their sales up but sadly they didn’t get approval for this from the Indian Authorities. Since there has been no official announcement made by the company regarding selling the refurbished iPhones in India so it would be too early to say about anything. Since Apple has also established its factories in India so they will get some benefits from this. The major hurdles for such low sale volumes in India are because of its high price which many people can’t afford. If we can buy refurbished iPhones with the best quality then it will just be awesome to use them. If you are also one of the hardcore fans of iPhones and finally made your mind to buy refurbished iPhones in India then we can help you with this. We will suggest the top 3 platforms where you can buy refurbished iPhones in a very controlled price range. Also Read- How to take screenshots in Lenovo Laptopshow to buy refurbished iphones in india

1) Paytm Mall

The first and genuine platform through which you can buy refurbished iPhones with a warranty. There are fewer chances that you will be cheated because Paytm Mall is India’s one of the most trusted e-commerce stores and they will not compromise with their authority at any cost. The app has a list of several brand new iPhones with much cheaper prices as compared to the brand new iPhone. To make iPhone more affordable the Paytm is also offering huge cashback and discounts.  So if you are interested to buy refurbished iPhones in India then you can grab huge offers as well as iPhone. Also Read- Top 5 best smartphones under Rs 10000
how to buy refurbished iphones in india

2) ZestMoney

The second best website through which you can buy a refurbished iPhone is ZestMoney. You will get a list of several iPhones available at a reasonable price. You will be able to book your iPhone in warranty in full-fledged condition with just a single click. The cash on delivery option is also available on the website so you need not worry about online fraud. Also Read- NavIC: India’s third-eye in Space
how to buy refurbished iphones in india

3) Amazon & Flipkart

The third and last platforms which I will recommend are Flipkart and Amazon. The e-commerce giants do not sell used iPhones but if you want to buy genuine iPhones then occasionally they bring up refurbished phones which include iPhones also. They are well-established companies that sell their product all over the country so you need not worry about the authenticity of the product as they are well checked and then posted on the website. Also Read- Top 5 Best Gaming Phones Under 30000

FAQs related to Refurbished iPhones in India

Well, we have informed you about the three best platforms through which you can purchase the genuine refurbished iPhones with a warranty as well. There are certain questions regarding the topic which we will cover in this section of the blog.

1) Can I buy refurbished iPhones in India?

Yes, of course, you can buy refurbished iPhones in India. We have mentioned the three best platforms available through which you can buy used iPhones with up to 6 months warranty. So, if you are thinking to buy user iPhones then we will recommend you to use any one of the above platforms for this. Also Read- Costliest Phone in the World

2) Does Apple sells used iPhones in India?

Apple has thought to sell refurbished iPhones in India but they did not get approval for that. The company is in contact with the Indian authorities and hope they will come up with a solution. But till now, Apple is not selling any refurbished iPhones in India. There are several other platforms too where you can buy refurbished iPhones with a full warranty. Also Read- Best 5G Smartphones under 30000

3) Is buying a refurbished iPhone is a bad idea?

No, buying refurbished iPhones is not a bad idea at all if buying a genuine product. The main thing why it is good to buy refurbished iPhones is good because of the 1) Cheap Price2) Eco-friendly3) Comes in Warranty when purchased from authority stores. Also Read- How to Delete Swiggy Account

4) What is wrong with the refurbished iPhones in India?

It is said that every good has got its bad. The same things happen with the refurbished iPhones in India. If you purchase it from the genuine store then you will definitely get a reasonable price range along with the warranty covering all the damages if found on used iPhones.

In the same way, if you buy an iPhone from elsewhere who does not own authority in the market then you will definitely gonna waste your money. Also, though they promise about the warranty but when something happens to your phone then they will not take responsibility at all.

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Conclusion-How to buy Refurbished iPhones in India

Just like the other part of the world, Indians too have got a craze of owing iPhone. The only hurdle in the way is the high selling price of an iPhone which cannot be afforded by most of the people. That’s why most of them are searching for refurbished iPhones in India.

As we know, as soon as the e-commerce market is booming in India leading to more online frauds in India. People use to enter their all payments details before receiving a product increasing their chance of being cheated.

That’s why we have come up with the blog post so that we could suggest to you the top spaces on which you can comfortably buy the refurbished iPhones in warranty and minimum damages.

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