Best Refer and Earn Apps of 2021- Upto Rs 500 on every Referral

Wanted to earn for the app? Then you are at the right place because we are going to tell you the top 5 refer and earn apps through which pays you upto Rs 1000 on every single referral you make. Not only that, but some of the apps also pay you commission in percentage if the person you have referred used their service or products every single time.

The apps that we are telling about are 100% safe and secure and also fully legal. So, you do not have to face any difficulty in withdrawing your money from them. Also, professionals have successfully tested these apps before reviewing them.

You can use these apps to earn part-time money without making much effort. If you an office worker or student then you must have a good network of colleagues and friends. For making money, you can refer those apps to them and ask them to use it. This way you can make money.

If you want to earn more money then you could opt for affiliate marketing. If you are a newbie to this field then we want to make clear that in affiliate marketing you get commission on the basis of every single sale you make using the website or your social media channels.

But for newbie, we personally recommend you to start with small things simply refer and earn apps as they are very simple to use. Whereas, affiliate marketing is for serious social media influencers and website owners.

So let’s start our blog post and here are the top 5 refer and earn apps.

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how to delete phonepe account


5. PhonePe- Refer and Earn Program

PhonePe is India’s one of the largest UPI payment app. Besides being so much popular, Phonepe also pays their users heavy discounts and cashback that’s why their users are increasing day by day.

PhonePe is also one of the app that fits in the category of the best refer and earn apps available. The benefit of using the Phonepe referral program is that you and your friend both get Rs 100 after successfully linking bank account to the app.

Follow the steps mentioned below to earn from PhonePe refer and earn program

1) Download and install the PhonePe app on your smartphone.

2) Go to the Homepage and there you will see the Refer and Earn option.

3) Click on the option and you will get the link that you have to share with your friends and colleagues.

4) Now, ask them to Download the PhonePe app using the link.

5) At last, ask them to kink their bank account with Phone and transfer Rs 1 to any of his/her relatives.

After completing the steps, you and your friend both will get Rs 100 into the PhonePe wallet.

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4. Google Pay – Invite your Friends

If you are using any UPI apps then you must have heard the name of Google Pay. The app is officially developed by Google to initiate online transactions.

Google Pay also pays you upto Rs 201 for every single referral. But it is better than PhonePe in terms of receiving the cashback money. In PhonePe, cashback will be transferred to your PhonePe wallet but in Google Pay, all your referral money will be directly transferred to your bank account.

Here is how you can earn money directly to your bank account using Google Pay.

1) Open the Google Pay app, scroll down to the end and you will see the Invite your Friends option.

2) There you will see your referral link and the amount you will get on every single referral. If you are lucky enough then you can get up to Rs 201.

3) Just Copy the link and share it amongst your friends and ask them to link their bank account to Google Pay.

4) After that, request them to send only Rs 1 to any bank account. 

As soon as the process will be completed you will get upto Rs 201 for every single referral you make.

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is groww app safe

3. Groww App- Invite and Earn App

Indian Share Market is booming nowadays. In terms of giving returns, it has left behind many strong economies and many experts say that it is just the beginning of the bull run in the Indian Share Market.

If we have a look at the latest government surveys then we will find that in the past few years millions of beginners have stepped into the share market. This all became possible because of the innovative steps taken by the Indian Government in which users can create their Demat account and invest in the Indian Share Market from any corner of the country.

After this innovative step, many apps have came into the market through which we can easily invest and the Groww app is also one of those apps. It is backed by some of the most powerful investing agencies making it trustworthy to invest in.

The Groww is also one of the Refer and earn apps that pay you and your friend Rs 100 after successfully signing in to the app.

Here is how to earn from the Groww app via Refer and Earn Program

1) Download and Install the Groww app and create an account on it. The documents required for creating an account in Groww App are Aadhar Card, Photo, Pan Card, and Bank Account details.

2) After submitting all the documents your account will become active in 24 hours.

3) Now click on the Menu option, there you will see Refer and Earn option. Click on it and you will get a link which you can share any place you want.

4) Now, ask your friend to install the app using the link and sign up.

5) After successfully signing up, you and your friend will get Rs 100 into Groww App wallet which you can transfer into your bank account.

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2. Oyo- Refer and Earn Program

Oyo is India’s one of the successful startups that is ruling the world. With the help of the Oyo app, we can easily book hotels at the most affordable price. The app is currently operating all over the world and has got millions of satisfied customers.

Oyo perfectly fits in the category of Refer and Earn App as it pays a good amount for referring the app. If your family members or relatives are going on vacation then you can use this app for booking hotels.

Oyo app pays Rs 500 on every single referral plus new customers on the app can get up to 60% discount on their first hotel booking. The app is very simple to use and here is how you can refer and earn using the Oyo app.

1) Open the Oyo app and Create an account on it by entering your valid phone number and email.

2) Go to the Menu tab, there you will find Refer and Earn option.

3) Click on the link and share it with all your relatives and friends.

4) After you have successfully shared the app and your friends have Signed Up on Oyo you will receive referral money in Oyo Rupee.

5) You can use this money to book hotels all around the world.

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1. UpStox- One of the Best Refer and Earn Apps

If you are searching for the best Refer and Earn apps then you should go for Upstox which pays you Rs 500 on every single referral you make. The app is used for investing in the stock market just like the Groww app.

Many users have users their Referral program and end up earning a good amount of money. The app is 100% safe and secure as it uses 128-bit encryption technology to protect user data. Additionally, it uses the latest PCI-DSS standards hence making it fully secure from any attacks.

Upstox is one of the genuine apps out there and you can easily transfer referral amounts directly to your Bank. If you have heard its name for the first time then here is how to create an account on Upstox and refer it to all your friends.

Before, opening an account on Upstox make sure that you must have PAN card, Addhar Card, Bank Account, and Mobile Number linked to your bank account.

1) Download and Install the Upstox app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2) Open the app and create your account by entering valid details of Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Photo, Signature, etc.

3) After creating an account, open side of the app and there you will see the Refer and Earn option.

3) Click on the option, you will get a link that you can share wherever you want.

4) Ask your friends and relatives to download and sign in to the Upstox app.

5) Just after their Signing In, you will receive Rs 500 into your Upstox wallet which you can later transfer to your bank account.

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Conclusion about Refer and Earn Apps

Many owners are nowadays developing new methods to promote their apps. Refer and earn is the easiest, simplest, and most effective way to promote an app which eventually leads to the success of any app.

In this blog post, we have thoroughly discussed the top 5 apps that you can use to earn a good amount of money. Though, there are many refer and earn apps out there in the market but we have discussed you best in the best app that actually pays you are completely legal.

We have researched a lot on this topic before delivering you the outstanding content and if you feel our blog posts are genuine then do not hesitate to share it on your social media platforms. Do let us know if you have any suggestions regarding the improvement of the website.

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