How to Delete PUBG Account in 2021- Complete Step by Step Guide

How to delete Pubg account? we are going to give you straight-forward ways to execute it. Many people just think that logging out from the Pubg mobile means that we have permanently deleted our account but it is not so. You have also to follow some procedures so that you might delete your account permanently.

Pubg Mobile has finally stepped into the Indian market. The game is specially designed for Indians and this time user privacy has been kept in mind. In addition to that, the servers which store user data have also been kept in India.

The global version of Pubg mobile was banned in India as allegations were made that Pubg steals Indian user’s data. Also, the server of the game was placed in China making the imputation more true. Additionally, the government stated that no prior permission was taken before launching the game in India.

But this time, Pubg has made all the things clear by taking prior approval from the government before launching the Pubg Game. If you are still using the Pubg Mobile global version we recommend you to shift to the Pubg Mobile Indian version.

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Things you should keep in mind before delete Pubg Account?

If you have finally made your mind for deleting the Pubg account then you should consider the following points mentioned below.

1) Once the Pubg account is deleted, it cannot be retrieved back.

2) All the purchases, you have made in the account will be deleted permanently.

3) All the money left in your Steam wallet will be vanished.

4) All the posts you have posted will not be deleted from the community.

5) With the deleted account, you cannot make a new pubg ID.

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How to Delete Pubg Account: Step 1- Log Out

In order to delete the Pubg account first of all you must log out from the game. Follow the procedure mentioned below to log out.

how to delete pubg account in 2021

1) Open your Pubg account.

2) You will see a gear icon (Settings) just press that.

how to delete pubg account in 2021

3) Inside the settings, you will see the Basic option. Press it!!

how to delete pubg account in 2021

4) In the Basic tab, you will see the Log Out option on the bottom left corner. 

Hit the Log Out button and get logged out from the game.

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How to Delete Pubg Account: Step 2: Remove from Facebook/ Google

Now after logging out successfully from the game, you must have to do one simple step to simply delete the Pubg account. If you are using the global version of Pubg then you must have signed into the game using Facebook or Google.

How to delete Pubg account from Facebook

You must have to delete the pubg data from your Facebook. Here is how to do delete pubg data from Facebook.

how to delete pubg account in 2021

1) Log in to your Facebook account.

2) Click on the 3 line Menu option from facebook available on the top-right corner.

how to delete pubg account in 2021

3) After that, click on the Settings and Privacy option and inside it you will get Settings. Just Navigate through it.

how to delete pubg account in 2021

4) Inside the Settings option, you will see the Security Tab in which the Apps and Websites option is present. Click on it.

how to delete pubg account in 2021

5) Now, all the websites and apps will be available to you with whom your Facebook account has been linked.

6) Search for the Pubg Mobile app in the list and press the Remove button.

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How to delete Pubg account from Google

The steps mentioned above are on how to delete pubg data from Facebook. You might ask what if I had made my pubg account with google then you must follow the steps mentioned below to delete Pubg data from google.

how to delete pubg account in 2021

1) Go to the Settings of your phone.

2) Search for the Google Tab and navigate through it.

how to delete pubg account in 2021

3) Inside the Google Accounts, Select the account which is linked to the Pubg account.

4) Now, go to the Manage your Google Accounts option.

how to delete pubg account in 2021

5)After that, search for the Security Tab and scroll down.

6) As you scroll down, you will find an option of “Third-party apps with account access“.

how to delete pubg account in 2021

7) Now, Seach for the Pubg account from the list of third-party apps and Click on the Remove Access button.

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How to delete Pubg account in 2021: The Final Step

This is the last and final step to delete the pubg account. So here is the last step.

1) Go to the Chrome browser.

2) Go to the Pubg official website

(Note: Open the website in Desktop mode because the Delete account option will mostly open in Desktop).

3) Now Log into your account.

4) After that, you will see the Personal Info tab. Click on it.

5) At the bottom, you will see the Delete option. Click on the Delete button to finally remove your account.

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How to delete Pubg Account: Conclusion

There are several ways through which you can delete Pubg account. One of the safest and most easiest way to delete you Pubg account permanently are the steps mentioned above.

In this blog post, we have tried to cover the topic “how to delete Pubg account” in details. We have gone through several testings and videos before writing this blog post. If you’d really liked it then do not forget to subscribe to the push notification and keep visiting our site as we keep writing the blog post on the tech and gadgets topic.

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